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Supporting Veterans

Our Mission

The Prime Directive of Great Ape Empire is to seek out and Support our fellow Veterans. We do this by carrying their businesses products in our store, promoting their businesses online and partnering with them on joint ventures. We also directly sponsor Veterans on their individual missions and adventures, or we donate to Allied Organizations that help Veterans the most.

We are new business and sometimes our support will not come in the form of money., but instead from our time or equipment. We can dedicate time to making Veterans successful by meeting with them and helping them strategically plan their missions. We are great administrators and networkers, we want to promote you. We strive to link Veterans with other Veterans. We believe that working together as a cohesive unit will make us all successful. It also makes us feel like we are part of that brotherhood and community we once were.

As we grow, so will our list of Veterans Organizations we support. We have had the privilege of working with some great ones already and will start by promoting them first. We will make additional contributions of support for other individuals and organizations on a case-by-case scenario basis throughout the year.