Actively serving in the Canadian Forces


Justin Keough


9 Feb 1980  |  Moncton, New Brunswick

About Justin


Childhood Dream:

Join the Military or the Police Force.

Record of Service:

Joined the Royal Canadian Regiment in January 2000 and is still serving

Tours and Deployments (Unclassified):

Two Tours to Afghanistan, first in 2003 and then again in 2006. Deployed to Latvia in 2020.

Rank Attained and Favorite Courses/Courses you wish you had been put on: 

Justin is currently a Warrant Officer. Favorite courses were Advanced Reconnaissance, Advanced Mountain Ops, Pathfinder and Free Fall.

Favorite Part about being in the Military: 

Justin enjoys the Comradery among his peers in and outside of work. He loves that work provides him time and opportunity to test himself physically with organized challenges, competitions and sports.

Civilian Life

Non-Military Related Information: 

Justin currently resides outside Frederickton New Brunswick with his wife, two children and his best friend, their dog Ryker. Justin is an avid outdoorsman and spends plenty of his free time on the water fishing or in the woods hunting and hiking. While this is Military related, it applies to his civilian side. Justin competes in high level athletic challenges like Iron Mans and has completed the Cambrian Patrol. He is not afraid of parking in the furthest spot away at Walmart. At this point in his life he enjoys driving 900 hours a month taking his sons to their sporting events across god’s creation.

Ambitions, Goals and Personality Traits: 

Justin is close to completing 25 years in the Infantry and is looking forward to retirement. He will then focus his time hustling for the Empire and possibly another secret endeavor. Justin is hardheaded, stubborn, old-school but also incredibly giving, kind, reliable and extremely hard worker. Good friend to have when you have a busted back and need carried to your turkey blind at 5am across 500meters of field and bush. Also when you accidentally have a brain malfunction and toss a napkin out the window, so he pulls his truck over, scolds you Infront of his boys and says he’s trying to raise them properly, and makes you go pick it up, and when you get back in the truck, he continues driving and never brings it up again lol.

Keoughs annual winter fishing/camping trip was a great success for 2023
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Hey All Oaklee here! Not to be outdone by the boys in ontario I decided to go on a fishing trip of my own. We landed 24 of 29 fish in just 4 hrs and we realized Peace is found somewhere between the dirt road and the middle of nowhere.  Get outside! Enjoy what nature has to offer.

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Hey All Oaklee here. Part 3 of my competition. 
The games are 

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Hey Folks,  oaklee here.  Heres part 2 of my challenge.  Try these on all kinds of recipes.  Enjoy!

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Hey All Oaklee here. Pre emtive strike inbound!  I just recieved word I have been selected for the next round of #GoodGoBadGo #Challenge Accepted.

Stay tuned for my post next week!

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