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Team Delinquent/Fall Guy


Tyler Rayner


22 Sept 1981  |  Marathon, Ontario

About Tyler


Childhood Dream:

Canadian Forces Infantry Soldier/Paratrooper.

Deciding Factor for joining the Canadian Forces: 

The Terrorist Attacks of 9/11.

Record of Service:

Joined the Royal Canadian Regiment, 3rd Battalion in 2002. Retired from the Service in 2012.

Tours and Deployments (Unclassified):

Deployed with 3RCR Recce Platoon to Afghanistan in 2006 for the transition from Kabul to Kandahar. Deployed on Task Force 3-08 Afghanistan with 3RCR.

Rank Attained and Favorite Courses/Courses you wish you had been put on: 

Master Corporal. Para, Recce, HRST Master and Advanced Recce. I wish they had put me on Basic Sniper and Free Fall Course for the challenge and the thrill.

Favorite Part about being in the Military: 

Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. Learning how to use and shoot various weapon systems. Travelling to unique parts of the world with different climates and cultures. Meeting friends from all backgrounds who shared similar interests.

Civilian Life

Non-Military Related Information: 

Avid Golfer, Adrenaline Enthusiast including Hang Gliding, Parachuting. I love riding motorcycles, playing the guitar, fishing up north, snorkeling on vacation and many outdoor and water activities like camping/kayaking/exploring. I have a newfound passion for day trading. **I enjoy being taught how to play Chess by Great Ape Chess Master Ogwa (Inside Joke) **. Cat Dad to Bernie. I am currently living in Northern Ontario with the Snow and the Bugs. Spends lots of time with the family at cottage on the lake. Dreams of one day being a Canadian Snowbird. Spending winters in very warm locations sipping fruity drinks at the beach, working on his tan.

Ambitions, Goals and Personality Traits: 

wants to travel the World doing High Octane things and get paid while doing it. Wants to film and explore exotic locations that others may not have yet. Would like to take others on adventures. My goal is to retire somewhere hot and take care of my family.

What members of the Empire say about Tyler: 

Tyler’s personality is Fiercely Loyal. Open Minded and Always there to help his friends no matter the reason or distance. The perfect wingman for ANY situation, even the “What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas” kind. Tyler has his friends back. He has a sarcastic sense of humor and a clever mind. Tough exterior but secretly a big softy. Very dedicated to practicing to make perfect.

Role within the Great Ape Empire: 

Tyler would like to focus on the social media content creation side of the Empire. His focus is on longer videos and adventures incorporating his sarcasm humor. He likes being a Survival Course Instructor and has taken on the role as Chief of our Fire Department. Starting them, not putting them out.

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