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Great Apes are a Specific Species of Apes. They consist of the Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Bonobo, Orangutan and Historical/Modern Human. For Fun (And because we believe) We are also including Mythological Great Apes such as the Sasquatch, Yeti and Our Canadian Version of an Abominable Snowman called Magnum Nix Simiae (Great Snow Ape in Latin).


Great Ape Empire was Officially and Formally Founded on February 1st 2022. We’re 100% Canadian Forces and Veteran Owned. There are 9 of us as partners. We’re a Outdoorsman Outfitter Outpost that Specializes in Selling, Renting, Testing and Reviewing all Hiking, Camping, Survivalist and Adventuring- Supplies, Equipment and Apparel. We also teach on Survival Courses, Go on Adventures and create social media content to provide entertainment to our community. The Majority of our products were tried, tested and found true by all of us on the Battlefields of Afghanistan or during other Military related events and situations. We also carry our fellow Veterans Businesses Products and promote, support and participate in their organizations and events. If you are a Veteran with a business looking for friends, please contact us. We have ONE current brick and mortar store located at 658 Berford Street, Unit# 3, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada. We are motivated to expand responsibly and will be Planting Our Business Flag, Coast to Coast in the not to distant future.


Great Ape Empire will provide meaningful employment to Veterans. We will contact other Veteran Businesses, Organizations, Charities, Individuals or Unregistered Groups. We will offer to provide support in any way we can, even if that just means being the link between Allied Veteran Groups. We want to help promote and make the connections for what they offer to each other. We are stronger together. Teamwork made us successful in the Military and it can help us all succeed in the civilian business world. We will rent and sell high quality products we have vetted and approved. We will gain trust by conducting honest reviews and providing video footage/proof of products and services being used and working in practical and high adrenaline scenarios.  We will donate a portion of our proceeds to Veteran and to Great Ape Causes that we choose. We will also engage with the public to help fundraise for these causes, events and organizations. We will be 100% transparent in what we are raising money for, how much is raised. We will keep records of where it is spent and the results of what happens after it is spent.


Concept of Ops: Great Ape Empire launched a Coordinated, Concentrated and Targeted Barrage of Traditional and Social Media Advertisements and Posts starting on Canada Day 2022 on all platforms. We had high level support to boost and activate the automatic online algorithms. We selected Explosive Entrance as our method of entry option. We got the word out that we are here, we mean business and we would love your support.  We will Improvise, Adapt and Overcome any and all Situations. We are highly motivated to succeed. We are looking for friends, allies and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Great Ape Empire Team Members have assumed Avatar/Characters with catchy Call Signs for our Great Ape Names. We use these for our online reviews/posts. We will continue to develop our branded personalities and styles online on social media and during reviews because it helps to positively engage with our community and interactively respond to followers/subscribers. Our goal is a loyal viewership that stay with us from till we hang up our Great Ape Helmets. We want to build a large community and following that gets to help choose our destiny and fates. Each member of Great Ape Empire will be receiving a Box of products at set intervals to go on adventures or do reviews on the contents. Great Ape Team Members will focus on the practical applications of the products and give their honest assessments. We will be kind and courteous but also bluntly honest. We will use constructive criticism and offer our advice on how products could be improved. In the Military we use the saying “If you find a problem, help find the solution” Head Quarters and Command will provide orders to the other Great Apes in the form of Challenges and Games to keep our content interesting. We want our community to eventually be able to vote on this content and create it with us


We have created Accounts on all major social media platforms to engage with larger audiences. We are not professional YouTubers, Instagram Models or Tic Tok Dance Wizards, but we will do our best to keep you entertained and even educated. We will learn, grow and strive to improve the quality of our content. We have independent Great Ape Accounts, but we also work as a single unit. Each Great Ape has a passion for different Adventure activities. We believe this will benefit us when we diversify and start interacting with our chosen passions fields online.


Great Ape Empire understands that many hands make light work. We have begun engaging with skilled professionals to help us navigate our way. We will be and have been making deals and partnerships with like-minded individuals and groups. We are open minded and goal/objective oriented. We like to make long term plans and know how to successfully execute missions. We are highly motivated to help others, which we know in turns helps us. We are Team Players that you can depend on in any situation.


Our Company is Organized into a Federally Registered Corporation. We have 9 Veteran Owners who have a detailed shareholder agreement. The 9 of us are also the Directors. We do have a Chain of Command among us secretly but it’s more like King Arthurs Round Table. We are all equals at the table in big decision making. Our “Meet The Team/About Us” Section will give you a better understanding of who is involved. We are a tight unit that has been to battle together. We are bluntly honest to each other in a sarcastic/dark humor, but loving way. 

Thank You for taking the time to read all this information. We felt it was important to give you a detailed introduction into who we are. Knowing who you are about to do business with WILL help build a long-lasting friendship. We want to be known as Great Apes you can trust to give it to you straight. That is our Brand, Mixed with some Cheesy Military Lingo/Stereotypes and Great Ape Humor.

We look forward to learning and growing this business together.

 Your Time, Your Support and Your Feedback WILL be Greatly #APEpreciate.