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Sasquatch Jim

Makes Group look tougher than it is


James Milton Mailman


24 Jan 1982  |  Nova Scotia

About James


Childhood Dream:

To be like Arnold Schwarzenegger/John Matrix in Commando.

Deciding Factor for joining the Canadian Forces: 

Joined Army Cadets as a child and grew to love field craft and navigation.

Record of Service:

Joined the Reserves in high school with the West Nova Scotia Regiment. Component transferred to the Regular Force in 2002 to the Royal Canadian Regiment and was posted to the 3rd Battalion. Retired from the Military in 2017 Due to injuries suffered in Afghanistan.

Tours and Deployments (Unclassified):

Deployed with 3 RCR Recce platoon to Afghanistan in 2006. Task Force 3-08 Afghanistan with 3RCR.

Rank Attained and Favorite Courses/Courses you wish you had been put on: 

Master Corporal. Para Course. Advanced Recce. Advanced Small Arms. Arctic Operations Course. Wish had been put on Safe Food Handling and Specialized Decorating Baked Desserts Course.

Favorite Part about being in the Military: 

Deploying to Afghanistan in Recce Platoon. The Well-Oiled Machine with the Band of Brothers Mindset. Getting to work with likeminded people and making friends from all around the country.

Civilian Life

Non-Military Related Information: 

Family Man and has 3 wonderful Kids. Loves outdoor physical fitness like long hikes and back yard homemade gyms. Loves the feel of wind blowing through his beard as he rides his motorcycle. Fishing, Camping and Bonfires excites him. Real Outdoorsman who would be perfectly happy wandering the wilderness or staying at a cabin in the woods for months on end. Currently lives in the Ottawa Valley Region and Owns a Company that specializes in Custom Builds and Commercial Projects.

Ambitions, Goals and Personality Traits: 

Wants to help grow Great Ape Empire into a business that we all can be proud of and even open his own outlet under our banner. Goal is to spend the rest of his life chasing adventures and being a functional member of his community. James has Great big plans for Great Apes Survival Courses.  Heis a big softy and has a yogi bear style belly laugh. He looks extremely intimidating (and it is well deserved if you cross him) but he is very approachable and social/kind. He can shoot the breeze with the best of them and is fun to travel with. Master BBQ Skills and very charitable to friends, family, and strangers. Has big dreams and big plans. Sees the best in everyone. Loyal, hardworking, and dependable. Always last to submit important paperwork and requires reminding. 

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