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Official Great White Ape


Daniel Evan Lisk


15 Sept 1985  |  Wiarton, Ontario

About Dan


Childhood Dream:


Deciding Factor for joining the Canadian Forces: 

The Terrorist Attacks of 9/11.

Record of Service:

Joined the Royal Canadian Regiment, 3rd Battalion, in 2004. Medically Discharged in 2015 from injuries suffered in Afghanistan in 2009.

Tours and Deployments (Unclassified):

Task Force 1-07 Afghanistan with the Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team. Task Force 3-08 Afghanistan with 3RCR.

Rank Attained and Favorite Courses/Courses you wish you had been put on: 

Master Corporal. Basic Reconnaissance, Mountain Ops, Rappel Master, Platoon Support Weapons Qual and Infantry Advanced Small Arms. Wish I had been put on Advanced Recce or Sniper and maybe taken a shot at Para.

Favorite Part about being in the Military: 

The Comradeship among the Rank and File. Getting to travel and experience wild events that only other service members believe to be possible or true. The stories may be slightly exaggerated, but they did happen. Really enjoyed being in the woods and fields with all the likeminded people conducting training or operations. Afghanistan was a very important time of my life. I was challenged and tested and made it home alive with a strong sense of accomplishment. Upon return, I was promoted and sent to the training base in Meaford. Mentoring and instructing new soldiers became a passion. I believed in a teaching style that didn’t always just stick to the lesson plans put in place, I would offer advice and lessons learned to give the training a personal touch.

Civilian Life

Non-Military Related Information: 

Outdoorsman. Fisherman. Chief Scout. WILL Survive ANY Apocalypse. Cat Dad to twins Aries and Athena. Play Golf. Love Board Games and Cards with a focus on Poker.  Enjoy Volunteering and Community Service. Retired in 2015 and Went West and Wild for a year. Completed the Occupational Health and Safety Program from the University of New Brunswick. I have Travelled a bunch and am always on the search for exotic and historical destinations.  Single, Never Married, No Kids. Huge Detroit Red Wings, Green Bay Packers and Toronto Blue Jays fan. Currently reside in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound area and enjoy spending time out in the woods or on the water. Never want to leave this area permanently.

Ambitions, Goals and Personality Traits: 

Build a Veteran Empire of individual businesses into a supportive collective and have fun while doing it. I am told I am bluntly honest but with good intentions. Pays attention to the small details but sometimes over analyzes. Loyal. Open Minded but Opinionated. I only know what I have been told or I have read, If someone has more information to show a different view or angle I will take the time to listen, assess and verify. Great Ape Empire has the potential to connect many Veterans, their Businesses, their Organizations and all of our Allies.


“A day is a span of time that no one is wealthy enough to waste” – Fortune Cookie from Kings Buffet Owen Sound Years ago 

“No Great Mind has ever existed without a touch of madness”- Aristotle

And Lastly 2 Quotes from my favorite Historical Leader 

“Veni, Vidi, Vici” and “Alea Iacta Est” by Gaius Julius Caesar.

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