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At the Great Ape Empire, we provide high-quality wilderness gear, but having good equipment is not always enough. That’s where our partnership with Dr. Teimojin Tan of Survival Doctors, comes in. Dr. Tan is a veteran and finalist from the History Channel’s show “Alone” and is now offering survival courses with an emphasis on medical emergencies. 

Our Partnership

Great Ape Empire decided when we first formed, that our goal was to expand in phases beyond a retail business to guaranteed a sustained income.  Phase 1 was getting our store up and running and to begin practicing on social media. Phase 2 was increasing our Social Media output with a focus on testing and reviewing the products in our store by taking them out on adventures. We also said during this phase we would start contacting other Veteran businesses and organizations looking for partnerships and collaborations. Phase 3 in 2023 was going to be launching Survival Courses and Adventures. This came early. We improvised, adapted, and saw an opportunity.

In late spring of 2022, word started to get out that there was a Doctor in Bruce Grey Owen Sound that would be a contestant on Season 9 of the History Channels Survivalist Tv Show Alone, and that he was a Canadian Veteran.  Bingo. Great Apes already loved this show, and Ogwa(Dan) had seen every season and was already planning to watch season 9. We decided to contact Dr Teimojin Tan of Survival Doctors to say hello. The first introduction meetings went great, we could sense there was potential for a partnership. The question was asked, do you plan on ever teaching on Survival Course, to which Dr Tan said “yes” The rest is history. He came to our Grand Opening on Canada Day and we joined forces. We created a plan and launched the first two serials of our joint survival courses in October 2022.  It was a GREAT success. There will be more! Watch and Shoot. Here is a link to Dr Tans Survival Course Web Page. It goes into great detail about what will be taught. 

We are a group of grizzled Afghanistan War Veterans with lots of experience in the woods and plenty of exaggerated stories on lessons learned and how to make your survival experiences less miserable.

We look forward to seeing you in the woods!

What You'll Learn


Although the team at Great Ape Empire is involved with the courses on an administrative and instructor basis, it is Survival Doctors that is running them.

All registration is done through their website and any questions should be directed to them.