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June 3, 2024

5-Day Course

Course Overview


Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre
3092 Bruce Road 13, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada


Monday, June 3rd


Friday, June 7th 2024




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What can you expect?

The Great Ape Empire is a Canadian Forces Veteran owned company based out of Wiarton, ON. Check out the full website for more details on our staff and what we stand for. Based on previous course feedback, many told us they were somewhat intimidated by the fact this course was led by Afghanistan war veterans and the potential of being “beasted” would render the training not enjoyable. They were totally shocked and pleasantly surprised when they found out they were dealing with a bunch of old softies with big smiles and bigger hearts. We care about the morale and welfare of our students and go above and beyond to make your experience as enjoyable as the weather will allow. We may look hardened and stern; however, we can assure you that our staff are courteous, passionate, some handsome, and all have a sense of humour. One thing is certain, our training has kept us alive through various missions and situations, and so we take it very seriously. We are military – we respect timings. Please keep this in mind throughout our training day as we need to keep on track in order to provide you the best training possible. Once the training day is completed, we will have plenty of time to unwind, share stories around the campfire and go for a refreshing Fall swim.

Candidates will be sleeping in canvass hunting tents furnished with military cots for the classroom portion of training. We will then transition into a more austere training environment (forest) where candidates will build and live in their own shelters.

“An Army marches on its stomach” – Napoleon. This idea is carried over into our course. Our students are well fed! In fact, we’ve received a great deal of positive reviews for our delicious dishes. Why do we focus on food? Well, Napoleon said it best and we can attest that a well fed and rested candidate learns more, retains more, performs better and has more fun. The training day will start at 8am (0800hrs) and end at 9pm (2100hrs). This requires a lot of focus and energy – we will keep you fed so that you can remain focused on learning. With great food, comes great chores. Candidates will be responsible for their own dishes but we will provide soap and water, ‘cause we are good people like that… we just don’t do other peoples dishes.


Please contact us at for more details and with ALL questions or concerns. We will get back to you ASAP. We are easy to talk to and will help you navigate your way to us. We will make sure you arrive prepared and ready to learn!


  • Leadership: Taking charge of the situation to survive;
  • Mindfulness: Taking control of yourself to survive. This includes learning how to control your heartbeat, breath, and mind so that you can think clear;
  • Preparation and Planning: Master this and you will get through just about anything;
  • Equipment Selection and Kit Packing: Tools that save lives and how to maintain, secure, and waterproof the gear you need;
  • Survival Priorities: Effective use of tools – focus on safety;
  • Theory and Practical Fire Starting: Successfully start a fire – featuring Fire-Fast/GAE Branded fire starters, and other techniques;
  • Theory and Practical Shelter Building: Learn hasty and long-term shelter building skills;
  • Theory and Practical Water Purification: Processing water using multiple techniques to ensure clean water;
  • Practical Knots: Learn a hand-picked selection of knots that will work in multiple applications.
  • Map and Compass/Navigation: Ever been lost? Not anymore. Learn how to situate yourself and find your way out;
  • Primitive Hunting, Trapping and Fishing: Knowing where to look is over half the solution. Learn to march on your stomach!
  • Food Processing: Process rabbits, chicken, fish and larger game (Subject to availability)
  • Foraging: Learn about, search for and find local in season medicinal, utilitarian and edible plants. You’ll also learn about what to avoid (if you don’t know what it is, don’t touch it and please, DON’T EAT IT! We will be sampling various plants.

There is plenty more added to the course for you to learn and for us to teach. We also love to hear about the skills and experiences you have had. We all have so much to offer. Always more to learn.

  • 5 days and 4 nights of accommodations on a beautiful property on Spry Lake.
  • 3 delicious meals per day, cooked with love. Snacks/drinks to have on you while training. On day 3-4 we adjust the menu once we realize what you like/don’t like. *We try our best but do have limitations.
  • Portable Washrooms/ Handwashing Stations and a Jolca portable propane shower on site.
  • 5 packed days of training by skilled professional instructors that are focused with helping you learn new material and succeed in the practical application of the material.
  • You get to experience the comradery of being in the military without being in the military – shared hardships is a life changing experience. We will guide you through the process and share these experiences.
  • Course shirt to highlight this experience.
  • Fire Fast fire starter – best in the business;
  • Sam Medical first aid package;
  • Surprise gift!!;
  • Foraging book from Mariam of BeeYouYogaWellness;
  • 10% discount on in-store purchases before, during and after course. (*expires 30 days after end of training); and
  • An opportunity to join the Great Ape Alumni Page and email list to special offers and training opportunities.
  • 16 yrs of age, or older (16- and 17-Year-olds must be accompanied by a guardian);
  • Be able to carry 15kg/33lbs of food, water and equipment;
  • Hike with or without personal gear up to two kilometers daily; and
  • Arrive with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Staff will be there the entire time to teach, supervise, and provide support/assistance as required.


Early Bird Pricing

Register before August 28th and SAVE 15% on course fees

Preferred Pricing

If you are a Veteran, Indigenous, or a resident of Grey-Bruce-Owen Sounds, your course will be REDUCED TO $2,000!